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Friday June 7 2019

Because of some rumor said Doyeon is attention whore. Kim Do Yeon released the statement that her and L dated because she was receiving so from where i'm standing, i am ok with myungsoo dating. Kim Doyeon's father is helping Myungsoo to distribute and promote his photobook L's Bravo Viewtifulthat's why Doyeon clinging onto him.

As far as feeling vibes from stuff, different people have different takes on it. You don't even know her personality, you haven't meet her, you just know her through twitter and some shows on tv. Sadly, any girl that is with him is going to get accused of everything under the sun regardless, tub and at this point I think anyone who dates him is aware of that.

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Lee Jooyeon posts video with GD and quickly deletes it Netizen Buzz

However, as we've seen Woollim do in the past with Myungsoo's dating. No, not perfect, it's weird in my opinion. Infinite's L recently spoke about the relationship scandal he was involved in last year. First he said he would keep being in the center of dating rumors. Gd need to be open about his dating life so these crazies can get the point already.

Whether or not is true we will never know. She asked dispatch to follow her and taehee in the hopes it would make a rumour. Cos ppl will accuse the woman for only be with him because of his money and fame if she is not at par with him. Just look at those big eyes, that unusual lips, V chin, scene and pretty nose.

Find out which members they. Remember how many dating rumors he was in just last year? The fact that he could find any minutes to date is remarkable in and of itself, so bravo have at it. They went all that way to just get pictures of her arrival to Jeju.

INFINITE s L Engaged in Dating Rumors with Ulzzang Kim Do Yeon

No one person is on the same side of the same coin. You can't just judge her like that. Haha I have different feeling about this one. It also sort of comes off after looking into it that the person who wanted this sort of gives off delusional shipper vibes.

Gd was in Jeju with Seungri as always and this yes is proven, we have pics and they said it. The fact that fans came out with it first has softened the blow, which is hilarious. How did you know if she's that bad?

  1. You just as bad as her if you think that way!
  2. Sounded like up to then, no one had been willing.
  3. None of those things are going to make a relationship successful, they are superficial.
  4. As long as they are healthy, happy and together, it makes no difference to me who they are with.
  5. She is very stalkish towards ji yongs actual girlfriend.

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G-Dragon s Sister Kwon Da Mi Confirmed To Be Dating Actor Kim Min Joon

Never dull moment with these boys. It's common in Korea to do a surgery. He was just stating the obvious.


Some one even died because of them. Woollim denied it because they want to protect their artist. In early February, Nam Woohyun's. Not to mention, when has acting ever stopped Infinite from having a.

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Put quotes as is not yet been confirmed and still up in the air I whay it is. Whether or not he is dating her is none of our biz. Well this time it really was an act of stalking, there is an article that explicitly states what they did to get their information. It was really disturbing to read.

Stop harassing Myungsoo with his relationship already. According to Dispatch, the two popular idols have been dating in total. Just because her dad helps you to promote your photobook, you date her?

K-pop Secret (Full Edition) is released

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Dating scandals, revelations, denials and confirmations are. She was dating taehee at the time. The two were swept up in dating rumors in November last year, when the photos of the two enjoying a trip in Hawaii raised suspicions among fans. She keeps visiting Infinite and annoys them.

  • Because of the previous statement Woollim said they just friendsmost of fans are talking bad about Doyeon.
  • Joo yeon asked dispatch to follow them.
  • Looking for the man who really knows me and willing to fall in order.
  • Netizens and fans really need to stop trying to control his life.
  • Of course, enlistment is near so rumors come.
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It's just a fanacc, rumor, issue that spread by fans. Newspapers, a kind of newspapers, ruined a lot of lves and relationships. Thing that infinite solo is missing is someone to share my personal. Literally coming off of momentous night. She and her friends even harass Han Boreum because she took a selca with L!

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Rumors of Nam Woohyun going to Disneyland Tokyo with a girl had surfaced after his friend posted photos on Instagram. End of this February turned out hot for Woollim Entertainment. Why take us through ups and downs except through music?

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