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They awoke together over Aaron's birth. Locke just got his pilot's license and the plane crashed with his father aboard. But why he needs them, game that's another question.

  1. Damon Lindelof Carlton Cuse.
  2. Sun confided in Kate when she believed herself pregnant.
  3. Kate and Sawyer head to the plane and convince Claire to come with them.
  4. Kate tries to talk to Sawyer.
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Ford catches her, and it's Kate. Kate continued to grow jealous when Jack insists on bringing Juliet back to the beach with them. After Kate returns to her cage, she has an argument with Sawyer, climbs out of her cage and breaks open Sawyer's, saying if he does not want Jack to save his life, he is going to save his own. Sawyer's refusal to help rescue Jack created friction between them, but she went back to the Others for Jack, nonetheless. He got arrested by Sawyer.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Did Jughead really blow up when the screen turned to white? Why does Sayid have to take the poison pill willingly from Jack, rather than the Temple Others just shooting him dead? However, did Locke-ness look like he was taking his recruits away from the Temple?

Anyone else love that Richard's creepy visit to Locke's hospital on the day he was born appears to be after Locke's invitation? When Kate tells him this, Jack gets angry and refuses. When Locke tells Kate his mother was crazy, what does that really have to do with Claire and Aaron?

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He kisses her and jumps off the chopper and into the ocean. Does Jacob ask Hurley to turn the lighthouse wheel to number because that's what the mystery numbers add up to? So we're thinking the numbers are a kind of locator, or longitude and latitude, of the candidates. Oh, and we also need to know Charlotte's history on the island, right? Campfire Jacob told the candidates he choose them because he felt they were alone and like him, rdf and because he believed they needed the island as much as it needed them.

But does that make Smokey the good guy? It appears the Smoke Monster is going to become the Big Bad of the season. Why did the supply drops continued after the Purge, and how did they find the island? Will Side Sayid and Nadia end up together?

Why isn't Kate's or Frank's name there? Or is it the source of goodness and life that needs to be protected from being corrupted by evil men? In the Sideverse, will Sun lose her baby after being shot? Would you like to view this in our Canadian edition? How is the Sideverse Kate and Sawyer run-in going to affect things?

In what episodes do Kate and Sawyer kiss on Lost

It was a reference to when they first met aboard the shipwrecked Black Rock, when Richardo was chained up as a slave. Are the Locke-ness Monster and his Smoke Monster alter-ego badass, or what? Why did Widmore bring Desmond back to the island?

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They hook up, but we're thinking a trip off the island to get Claire back to Aaron won't come anytime soon. How dare the show hook him up with anyone else! In the Sideverse, does it mean anything that Lost verse dead folks such as Arzt and Ethan keep popping up, or are the Lost producers just messing with our minds?

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What's up with Widmore and his submarine? And did you ever try a humidifier for those nosebleeds? To bring the castaways and others together so they could move on.

What trouble has Side-Jin gotten himself into? What happened to Ben's friend Annie? The changes continue and perhaps the two universes are beginning to collide? Vincent was hanging with Rose and Bernard, japan who decided not to get involved in all the island politics. Will Claire have her baby in L.

Why does he suddenly not believe anything Jacob tells Hurley? After discovering his relation to Aaron, Jack initially refused to continue seeing his nephew, but he changed his mind after the trial. Who's on Jacob's list, why does Jacob have a list, and what does it all mean? American Broadcasting Company.

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Is it because he can't leave the island at all? The Locke-ness Monster or Widmore or Jacob? Where are Richard, Miles and Ben, and why haven't they destroyed the plane yet?

  • Kate convinces her to go with them off the island.
  • Kate and Sawyer kiss in their cage.
  • Why did Jacob choose these people as candidates to take over his island-protecting or Smokey jailing job?
  • Kate was on the run, and Sawyer was a con-artist.

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We still don't know the answer to this one, but we're thinking that this didn't turn out the way he planned. It's a pretty safe bet Desmond doesn't have it when he calls Jack pretending to be from the airline and tells him they've found the coffin. What is Frank a candidate for?

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Why did Jacob go touch each of the survivors during their lives and how did he get off the island? They did spend one night together after Jack convinced her to return to the island. We're guessing this is going to be important in battling the Big Bad this season, since guns aren't going to work against him. What is the Locke-ness Monster's real ticket off the island?

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What did they really die for? Could the skeleton's Adam and Eve really be Jack and Hurley after they time-traveled back to dinosaur times? Kate resisted Jack's early push to move to the caves, still hoping for rescue, The two spent time in the Swan together, and one day in the jungle Kate kissed Jack. Kate convinced Claire to return to civilization, Kate offered to continue to help raise Aaron. However, he couldn't move on with the rest in the Side-verse.

How exactly does one protect a Cave of Light anyway? Jack and Kate then escaped the island together, and Jack testified as a character witness at her trial, which helped convince her mother not to testify against her. During a beating while caged together on Hydra Island, Pickett demanded to know whether Kate loved Sawyer and under his threat to kill Sawyer she responded that she did.

Kate and Sayid both followed the Man in Black for some time, and Sayid did nothing while Claire tried to kill her. Ghost teen Jacob was reminding Locke-ness of the rules. What happened with the explosion, and how did Jack's group get blown into the present day, but after the hatch exploded? Skate is the fan-given name to the romantic relationship between S awyer and Kate. However, Kate declares her love for Jack and they reunite in the finale.

Meanwhile, in the Lost verse, Frank manages to get the plane off the island. His injuries in the Lost verse seem to be bleeding through the Sideverse. Miles finds Richard alive, bulgaarse vrouwen dating but with a gray hair.

Who do you think Kate will

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