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  • Looking for a reliable expert who will help you with the antique icon provenance and historical research?
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  • Some pieces are just inherently more desirable than others.
  • The silver cover is stamped with Moscow town mark and hallmark of workmaster Dmitry Orlov, known Moscow silversmith and owner of a firm that by employed workmen and apprentices.

Russian Icon - Eleven Selected Saints in brass oklad Icon is depicting eleven selected Orthodox saints shown full figured and covered with ornate brass revetment cover. If you are looking for a special Feast or Saint icon, just let us know about that, and we will find this Orthodox icon for you or help you with advice! The question I get the most in my field is what makes an Icon more valuable. At RussianIcon, we believe that no antique icon collection is too large!

Russian Icon

RussianIcon specializes in selling and buying antique Eastern Orthodox icons and authentic relics. Our team is always ready to evaluate your collection and buy authentic Russian icons, especially those that are in a very good condition. Saint Barbara is often portrayed with miniature chains and a tower. Just confirming that the icon of Saint John the Theologian in Silence arrived safely today.

Dating antique icons

Regular auctions of these unique and special items engage collectors both new to the items and veteran collectors. Egg tempera and silvering on gessoed wood. Look forward to the future, not the past!

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  2. Being professional icon dealers and collectors, we can offer a truly exceptional selection of outstanding religious icons for every taste.
  3. RussianIcon carries one of the widest collections of religious items, most of which are one of a kind.
  4. To answer this, I have compiled a list of six criteria that influence price.
  5. New religious artifacts RussianIcon specializes in selling and buying antique Eastern Orthodox icons and authentic relics.
Antique Russian Ikons & European Art Experts

His reputation evolved among the faithful, as was common for early Christian saints. The icon of the Savior With the Wet Beard arrived in perfect order. It arrived this morning and is now hanging in my icon corner, hook up 24 volt alongside the other beautiful antique icons that I have acquired from the Russian Store. How bold are the pigments?

Antique Russian Icons & European Art Experts

Russian Icons

Once again, it has been a pleasure to purchase another beautiful antique icon from the Russian Store. It's both unique and beautiful. We are always looking to purchase genuine antique Christian relics, reliquaries, crosses, icons, and liturgical artifacts. Start Selling Now It's easy to get started. For today, they are known all over the world not only for their distinctive style of painting, pta hiv dating but also for their influence on the Eastern cultural development.

Russian Store - Russian icons

So if you are looking for the best Christian religious artifacts for sale, you are welcome in our Orthodox icon store! Moreover, RussianIcon offers accurate, honest financial appraisals for all possible religious icon collections, ranging from full estates to single items. Curabitur et magna viverra massa tempus laoreet nec ac urna. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. He had a reputation for secret gift-giving, such as putting coins in the shoes of those who left them out for him, and thus became the model for Santa Claus.

The icon represents the Virgin Mary as the protector and patroness of the city of Kazan. The technique of painting the Russian icon takes its origin from the golden age of Byzantine art and continues that style to this day. It is always a pleasure dealing with you! Large Russian Icon - Panel Portable Iconostasis This folding shrine replicates in miniature the iconostasis, best free glasgow dating site the screen of icons separating the sanctuary from the nave in Russian Orthodox churches.

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For a beginning collector, understanding the value of an Icon can be bewildering. Our team of professional experts has a wide range of knowledge in a variety of areas related to Eastern Orthodox Church icons and is able to handle the purchase of even the most valuable collection. Aliquam porta tincidunt finibus. Like with anything, condition is important. Russian Orthodox Church icons inspire a quiet meditation toward the quest for spiritual growth, truth, and understanding.

Take advantage of our academic qualifications and extensive knowledge right now! Because of the many miracles attributed to his intercession, world of tanks he is also known as Nikolas the Wonderworker. Thank you for contacting us.

In other words, if you are looking to sell your antique icon or a whole collection, you are in the right place! Just let us know, and we will give you the true value of your Orthodox icon or religious artifact. An image of Saint Nicholas, the patron Saint of Russia, will be more valuable that an Icon of a random Metropolitan or other obscure subjects. If the Icon was from a particular collection, spent time in a museum and or once belonged to royalty, the piece can skyrocket in value. Age The age of the Icon plays an important role in its valuation.

Antique icons

We are always ready to share our knowledge and experience with you! Gregory, St, Catherine and St. The web site showing only a sample of our entire inventory, if you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us.

Founded by Oleg Kushnirskiy, RussianIcon is one of the leading online galleries for antique Russian icon dealing. What are the characteristics that make one Icon, maybe similar in appearance, sometimes cost thousands of dollars more? This usually holds true but gets complicated based on the personal preference. How blended are the brush strokes?

Russian Icons & Antiques

This information will arm you with the knowledge needed to become an educated consumer in the great world of Icons.

Ikons World

The Kazan icons are traditionally small, following the original. Pellentesque purus turpis, porta eu ex id, varius fermentum odio. You can entrust us to restore even the most valuable and rare Orthodox icon you have! Intro to Collecting Japanese Woodblock Prints.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, wishes, or problems you have. Allow yourself time to find your own taste, explore the world of Icons, study the history and understand the value of an Icon through the application of these seven criteria listed. Finally, the history of the piece can play an important role in its valuation. Contact us for no-cost and no-obligation evaluation. Contact us Write to us if you want to buy this product.

Dating antique icons

Vivamus vel lorem sit amet dui pulvinar posuere sit amet sit amet urna. Is the Veneration of the Relics of Saints Biblical? Do you need storage, security, and display recommendations for your Eastern Orthodox icon collection? Whether you need something special for yourself or want to choose a perfect gift for your beloved one, we are ready to help! Some collectors want a piece that has no restoration favoring a more naturally aged look while other collectors would rather have a piece restored to its original condition.

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Moreover, if you are looking for something specific, just give us a call, and we will do our very best to find exactly what you need! Sed non luctus magna, et suscipit sem. Most importantly, if it speaks to you buy it because no Icon is exactly alike and you might never find it again.

The fact is that Orthodox religion claims that antique Russian icons were directly inspired by God. We have outstanding examples with a variety of themes for any occasion, including antique Russian icons of Jesus Christ, the Mother of God, saints, evangelists, angels, feasts, and many others. Here you can enjoy absolutely unique Eastern Orthodox icons, including very special antique Russian icons existing in a single copy. Old World Christianity Depicted in Icons. The age of the Icon plays an important role in its valuation.

It is also believed that some of the icons were delivered and even painted by saints themselves. Authentic Russian icons are still created solely for religious veneration by morally upright artisans blessed for this purpose by a priest. You have come to the right place! About us Founded by Oleg Kushnirskiy, RussianIcon is one of the leading online galleries for antique Russian icon dealing.

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