College hookup stories reddit, 20 same-sex hookup stories from straight guys

20 Same-Sex Hookup Stories From Straight Guys

Eventually the clothes were shed and things got pretty hot and heavy, when all of a sudden he started laughing. Somehow we got on the topic of weed and she said she could really use some. It was mortifying to realize every person I managed to avoid all year knew just what I sounded like while doing the nasty. She then asked if I could give her a tour of the home and show her all the work I had done.

20 Same-Sex Hookup Stories From Straight Guys

He drove to a hotel parking lot while I frantically threw my clothes on in the back. Later that night at his house, we were watching a movie and he started playing with my crotch with his feet, and ended up unzipping my pants. It all happened so fast that I did not have time to think. Guess who had a new barber that semester. She said it turned her on beyond belief.

She also sent it to her best friend, who was in my class, and she told everybody. When I was done, I went back to my room and he wasn't there. He asked me to go out on a date the next night out of politeness, but it didn't last. She then went to my room, I followed, and we fucked. So they picked me up and brought me to the police station to confirm that I was in fact found.

Why Millennials Are Ditching Tinder to Hook Up on Reddit

When I got out the shower she was still in my room. One night, things were getting pretty heavy while we were making out on my couch. Hooking up with guys is a lot easier than girls. We got to his house and I got back to sucking his dick on his couch, and he got my shorts off and rubbed my dick some while I blew him. She went through her spiel and asked to come in and show me some paperwork.

College hookup stories reddit

She tells me to come in, we lift the mattress onto the bed and she tells me to sit down near the window unit as she cranks it on, grabs two beers and sits down next to me. Went out one night and met a girl. She was from some wealthy family in Hong Kong so she had previously had hired help do these things for her. At a town bar one night I met someone really cute. We were hanging out in my room.

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Looked out my window one day to see my hairdresser and a girlfriend of hers out on the patio. We were bored and broke, so why not? In my dorm room one night I was making out with some guy, and I suddenly had to go to the bathroom. This was my first frat party ever, mind you. He leaned over and whispered he was going to give me the best blowjob of my life.

Back in my undergrad, I moved into a student house since it was close to campus and the rent was cheap. We just laugh it off as a good story now. She looks up and waves, I went down and joined them. Share On facebook Share On facebook Share. He did, but I couldn't give one to him because it was too weird for me at the time.

  • So, she strips down to underwear and hops into bed.
  • One night in a snowstorm, I went over to one of their apartments and had sex with him for longer than any other time in my life.
  • He was actually really strange and I didn't feel comfortable about it at all.
  • We were each other's firsts for everything sexually speaking, and it started out as just being curious and figuring out what felt good sexually.

Nothing ever went too far, typically just masturbating together and occasionally jerking each other off. Then I realized he had peed on me and I was shocked and grossed out. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. After that there was an awkward silence. When I asked him to help me with it, he turned a vibrant shade of red.

Why Millennials Are Ditching Tinder to Hook Up on Reddit

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The next day he left his wallet in my room so I had to awkwardly give it back to him. We had a fun couple of days and then we went our separate ways and I would never see her again. My dick simply ended up in her mouth and I had no time to think. It was all fun and games until half the guys on our floor saw us walk out of the bathroom together. The paperwork had my number on it, approximate so after she left I got a call.

When we woke up, there was so much snow I couldn't walk home, and his roommate, the quarterback, had to drive me home. He was the only guy I have ever hooked up with, and as far as I know, I was the only dude he's hooked up with. We were waiting at a stop light and these two guys in a truck next to my car at a stop light. When we were both fully clothed and driving away from where we got caught, we realized it was actually church parking lot. That was my first sexual experience in general, example dating site let alone man-on-man experience.

  1. Overlooking the stripper thing, I guess the state trooper thing was a turn-on in the moment because we ended up going upstairs and having the best sex of my life.
  2. This was on a suburban cul-de-sac he loves puns so maybe that was part of his plan.
  3. We walked to my car parked in a nearby, somewhat dark, lot and she giggled as we went hand-in-hand.
  4. When we finished, we couldn't find the condom and figured it just slipped off.

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College hookup stories reddit

Now I consider myself straight and looking for the right girl with the occasional guy hookup when I'm bored. My hookup buddy hopped in the front seat and started driving away while he was still naked. The reward afterwards was totally worth it!

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She definitely played me but the hand prints on her ass are probably still there today. When the light turns green, we both speed off in a race only to be stopped by the next red light. Let's just say he meant what he sang.

15 Twentysomethings Reveal Their Craziest College Hookup Stories

Once I reached them, they freaked out and told me they had filed a missing person's report because they had my phone and couldn't get in contact with me. That night we fooled around and made out and eventually more. Get our newsletter every Friday!

She gave a pretty amazing blowjob. He said to follow him back to his house for a kick back. He was fucking me from behind, friends not dating site and the hand dryers came on.

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During the first week that I moved in, one of the gals knocked on my door and asked me to show her how to use the laundry machine. After an all-night party, I hooked up with someone in my dorm room. We couldn't wait to go back to our dorms, best dating sites asian so we parked his car in an empty lot and hopped in the back. It turns out my nose started bleeding.

44 Of The Craziest Random (But True) Hookup Stories You ve Ever Heard

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